As This is the system enables you to share your opinions with your friends and tell your words to the world ..

. Be genuine about your information used in your's account.
. Share your opinions and be accountable about your contents. . Do not text objectionable contents which may hurt some particular group of peoples or which can not be verified .
. Do not create multiple accounts.
. Do not try to access or misuse any other members' accounts.
. Do not mislead your friends by posting misleading information.

. Any individual or groups , if finds any content posted on is objectionable to them and is not based on any facts or claims false information about them , they should immediately inform about this to "" to remove or take appropriate action about posted content. ...

. holds right to close any users accounts at any point of time , user found violating general policies and terms accepted while joining.
. holds right to close any account any time if finds user as a suspect or misleading or violating terms of use .

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